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January 04, 2015

Examiner.com - Toys and Games Editor

"Our society is continually connected. Smartdevices promote communications, provide diversion, and keep us feeling secure. But, where is the silly and fun? Plush Pals turn a song or conversation into a dancing, interactive good time.

Plush Pals are an interactive mobile phone/MP3 accessory. The character works as both an interactive MP3 speaker and speak in time with a person on the phone. Instead of a traditional, stagnant speaker, the Plush Pal acts out the sounds comes from the device. When using the Plush Pal as a telephone speaker, the animals appears to be speaking directly to the user. It can make the most boring, under whelming phone call into a light-hearted moment.

To use the device, plug the Plush Pal into the headphone jack of the device. Any device with a headphone jack will work with the Plush Pal. Place the device on speaker and watch your fluffy pal sing, dance or speak. From bopping its head to the beat to mouthing words to a conversation, the Plush Pal makes the experience more fun.

For the younger set, Plush Pals can be a great way to get kids moving in the morning. Using the device as an alarm clock can make even the most grumpy, non-morning person smile. Who wouldn't smile to a cute monkey singing the Get Happy on a dreary Monday morning.

Plush Pals come in three characters, Patch the Dog, Manny the Monkey, and Freddy the Frog. Each item retails for $39.99. For more information on purchasing these items, please visit http://getplushpals.com.

Time to get moving and grooving with a furry friends thanks to Plush Pals."


Article Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/plush-pals-turning-your-phone-into-a-interactive-experience

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