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Night Stars 2016 Press Release

By :Lou Lentine 0 comments
Night Stars 2016 Press Release

In 2010, Lou Lentine’s father was hanging Christmas lights in a tree and fell when the ladder toppled beneath him. Luckily, his dad had no broken bones, but only scrapes and scratches all over his body. The next year, Lou’s wife insisted he stop climbing on his home's roof, but hire professionals to hang the lights.  When presented with a bill for over $2,000, Lentine knew, as an inventor, that there must be a better way and he set out to change the way people decorated for the holiday season.

Now, with Christmas getting closer, people everywhere are scrambling to make sure they are prepared for the holiday season. Decorations are hung, treats are baked, and presents are wrapped… well, for some people that is. For those who find themselves falling further and further behind at this time of year, it’s time to take stock of the situation and figure out how to catch up in the time remaining.

Fortunately, Lou Lentine’s determination paid off and he was successful in creating the perfect solution for safe, affordable, and easy holiday decorating. Viatek Consumer Products Group’s Night Stars brand was born and swiftly began to change the landscape of holiday lighting with its simple, attractive design. After all, anyone can find the time to plug in a Night Stars laser light and in seconds decorate the entire outside of their home!

The success of the Night Stars line in its first year was astounding and businesses everywhere were eager to get in on the newest innovation in holiday décor. Viatek soon partnered with Telebrands by licensing the technology for Star Showers. They collaborated with Telebrands to patent and design a light that would become one of the most in-demand holiday items of the year. With the success of the original Star Showers, this year Telebrands introduced the new Star Showers motion unit for the 2016 holiday season.

Being the front runners in the laser light industry, Viatek is in a unique position with its Night Stars line and everyone else is scrambling to get in on their success. Cheap imitations are popping up everywhere, but Viatek has been able to stop sales of these low quality lights by enforcing existing patents on the design and utility of laser lighting. Retailers like Ace Hardware and Bed, Bath & Beyond, who know quality when they see it, have even sponsored national ad campaigns featuring Night Stars laser lights in both print and television spots.

Night Stars is still the brand to own with its unparalleled quality and selection. Designed with a cast aluminum body and metal stake, the Night Stars lights are of the highest quality and are built to withstand winter weather and temperatures. Each model comes with a variety of unique features like the 16 color spotlight, holiday patterns, movement, multi-colored lasers, built-in timers… the list is virtually endless!

As the 2016 holiday season swiftly draws to a close, consumers are scrambling to get the last of these exclusive lights and Night Star lights are flying off of retail shelves and websites. The entire line of Night Stars products are still available at www.buynightstars.com where you can also find several new 2017 models available in limited quantities. The exciting new 2017 line-up will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, in January and buyers everywhere are already clamoring to see what Viatek’s Night Stars has come up with this time.

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