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April 04, 2017

We love our customers and we love hearing that our customers love us! That's why we'd like to give a special shout out to Crystal, who wrote:

To whom it may concern,

I am just writing to you today to hope you are having a great day! I know you all work hard to give everyone the products they love. Seriously thank you for everything you do. I know you probably have a lot of complaints to go through so I figured I would send a good email!  You are important more then you know. Smiling always looks better then a frown anyways. So have a nice day and never give up!

From a loving fan,

Thanks Crystal for that wonderful feedback, we think you're great too! We do get the occasional complaint, as just about any business does, but even those instances are a great opportunity to learn, take care of our customers and put a smile on someone's face. We value each and every one of our customers, so we take pride in keeping our loyal fans smiling! As Crystal put it, "...never give up!"

We'd like to thank all of our customers, you guys and gals make all of our hard work worth it, everyday! You folks rock! Keep on, keeping on!

If you would like to send us some feedback, please give us a shout!

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