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Pearl Hair Remover PRO


Uses thermogenic technology to remove hair and painless electrolysis to discourage regrowth

9 Treatment Levels

Advanced settings for coarse or fine hair
  • Professional quality results for men and women
  • Safe, easy, and painless
  • For use on all hair types and skin colors
  • Heat transfer tips crystallize hair on contact so it can be buffed away in seconds
  • Electrolysis discourages future hair growth 
  • Advanced temperature and microcurrent controls
  • LCD display and LED guide light
  • Cordless design and convenient USB charging 


System Includes:
  • Pearl Pro, White Pearlescent Finish/Chrome Accents
  • Large Buffer with 5 Buffing Pads
  • Small Buffer with 5 Buffing Pads
  • 3 Large Thermogenic Tips (for legs, arms, chest, and large areas)
  • 3 Small Thermogenic Tips (for face, neck, bikini line, and sensitive areas)
  • Pearl After-Care Serum (nourishing botanicals, special formula helps to slow hair's regrowth) 
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Charging Base and Adapter
  • Storage/Travel Pouch
  • Deluxe Retail Gift Box

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