Weather Wizard - Melt It De-icer

Remove thick, icy buildup in just seconds. Don’t get stuck behind a dangerous, ice-covered, hazy windshield. Drive safely with Melt it!™ Windshield De-Icer by your side. Simply spray windshield and wipers to loosen ice for safe, easy cleaning. Easy-to-use spray is perfect for removing icy obstructions on side view mirrors and windows too. No chipping or scraping– simply spray onto frozen area and wipe away water as needed with a soft cloth. Works on windshields, windows, mirrors, key locks, padlocks, latches and more. Even sprays in severely cold temperatures. Maintain better visibility for driving with a crystal-clear windshield.

DIRECTIONS: Spray windshield and wipers to loosen ice. Allow liquid to penetrate ice. Wipe away water as needed with a soft cloth. Can also be used on side view mirrors, windows, locks, handles and latches. CAUTION: Do not ingest. If accidentally swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Immediately contact a poison control center. Avoid inhaling mist. If inhaled, move to fresh air. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

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