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    • WeedErase is amazing! It worked fast and I was able to create a clean edge and kill weed right next to LIVE FLOWERS!

      • Jimmy
      • ClearWater Beach, FL
    • WeedErase is great if you have children, I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals around my kids or pets!

      • Janie
      • Memphis, TN

    The WeedErase uses newly patented technology that mixes light in a concentrated form to kill weeds at the root level. Injuring the leaves, light works its way through the soil to destroy the root system while avoiding damaging other plants or grassy areas.

    When you apply our recipe of light into the weed’s root, root crown, and leaves, you set off a chain reaction that eliminates the weed. The IR light creates heat that cuts off the water supply from the root, while the UV light penetrates the ground to disrupt the root functions. WeedErase can also never be over applied, ensuring that your yard is free of both dry spots and weeds.

    The unique dome on the WeedErase focuses the light into a controlled area, leaving the rest of the area untouched. Chemicals or organic sprays tend to over spray or spread to unwanted areas, while propane options are extremely difficult to control. Conversely, chemical options are increasingly under fire for their carcinogenic properties, making them both unsafe and unwieldy.

    The WeedErase dome acts as a way of controlling and focusing the light on the area you are targeting, giving WeedErase a unique and far safer advantage over other, more common forms of weed control.