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Lou Lentine: CHAIRMAN

After spending the last twenty years with Viatek Consumer Products Group, I feel very privileged to be writing this message as the chief executive officer.

We began our journey based on three simple concepts: design, develop, distribute. These principles alone have launched Viatek Consumer Products Group into the company that it is today.

The frontier of innovation starts with an idea. Developing or finding products that makes sense or solves a problem, is a passion of mine. Watching a product grow from an idea to a reality, to merchandising on a retail shelf, to ultimately landing in the hands of a happy customer, is the biggest success any inventor can reach.

In today’s marketplace however, I realize this may not be simple. By sharing my knowledge and working with inventors around the world, we are able to develop truly great products customers love.

Viatek specializes in being world leaders in the development of innovative products for both our brand and private branded customers. We utilize a strong infrastructure for competitive product sourcing and currently distribute products in 40 countries spanning 5 continents.

With over twenty years of experience on a variety of media outlets, Viatek has been able to enjoy tremendous market growth as consumers seek affordable problem solution products. We currently market our products via TV, Retail and Catalogs.

I am especially proud to announce that our talented team has began developing and producing our very own television commercials to further facilitate our drive and passion for making a dream a reality.

We hope you will consider joining us as we guide our company towards a promising, brighter future. To learn more about me, please visit Lou Lentine website (www.loulentine.com).

Lou Lentine

Chad Neuendorf: PRESIDENT

Chad Neuendorf has been a part of this industry for over 20 years. For Chad, every day is still just as exciting as the first when he is finding the next great product, an item on retail shelf or on Television.

Chad’s buying career started at HSN, learning who the customer is and also to identify what makes a great product. He has had the opportunity to work with the leaders (and biggest names) in the television industry and continue to learn from them.

The experience at HSN was the basis for my move to a sales position with Viatek. Chad then took his buying and sales knowledge and advanced to product development within the company. This position gave me the opportunity to live in Hong Kong and work directly with the factories. As the need arose, he took his experience and brought it into International TV and Retail sales.

Now, Chad is the president of Viatek Consumer Products. The creativity of the company is, and always has been, the basis of its success.

“We hope to continue this success with many great new products in the coming years and continue our strong growth around the world.”

Chad Neuendorf