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    Viatek Frequently Asked Questions

    Mobile Dolly:
    Q: Why can't I purchase a Mobile Dolly with my Duo Spin Mop?
    A:The Mobile Dolly is not compatible with the Duo Spin Mop (Model YDMM-22).

    Zmart Remote:
    Q: I just installed the Zmart Remote app. Where is the activation code?
    A:You activation code is on the back of the Zmart Remote hardware.

    Zmart Remote:

    Q: How many devices can I activate with my Zmart Remote activation code?
    A:You can activate 2 devices with a single activation code. If you wish to activate more devices, you will need to purchase an additional activation code.


    Q: All the normal batteries like  Duracell, Kirkland Brand (Costco) and Energizer all say on the battery "Do Not Recharge." Should i worry about that?
    A:Renu-It regenerates the battery. This is not a normal recharging technology. They are referring to normal battery chargers.

    Q: How many times can a battery be recharged?
    A:Up to 70 times