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Celebration - Moving, 13 Pattern, Red and Green Laser Light with Remote

The Night Stars Celebration Series 13 Pattern, Red and Green Laser Light with Remote features 3 interchangeable seasonal pattern wheels. Each pattern wheel includes 4 seasonal patterns with the additional laser dot patterns included on each wheel. This gives you a total of 13 different patterns to choose from or cycle through! Simply replace the pattern wheel for the appropriate season to enjoy this magical laser light all year round!

Specs & Features:

Special Features: Projects still or moving patterns of red & green laser light
Laser(s): Red, Green
LED (Color): N/A
Light Display: 3 Interchangeable Seasonal Pattern Wheels with 5 Patterns Each (13 Different Patterns Total)
Effects/Motion: Circular Movement
Sound: N/A
Coverage: 3,000 Square Feet
Timer Settings: Select 4, 6, or 8 hour daily cycle
Flash Settings: Optional flashing lasers with speed control
Unit Control Panel: Power/Mode button on back
Remote: Advanced RF Remote
Housing Material: Cast Aluminum
Spike / Mounting Plate Material: Cast Aluminum Ground Stake / Mounting plate not included
Cord Length: 20 ft
Power Consumption: Low voltage and low power consumption with UL power adapter
Indoor/Outdoor Rating: Rated for indoor and outdoor use
Weather Resistance: Weather resistant, it stands up to snow, sun, wind, and rain
Temperature Rating: -4° to 90° F (-20° to 32° C)
Heating Element & Cooling System: Internal heating and cooling system keeps your light working properly within temperature rating
Cord & Transformer Weather Rating: Rated for Outdoor Use, UL Listed: E149474 3G58
Power Input: 120V~ 60Hz 0.27A Max
Power Output: 12V DC 1.08A


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