Celebration – Moving 5 Pattern Laser w/ Remote

The Night Stars Celebration Series 5 Pattern Laser offers a fantastic, holiday themed selection of fun, festive images! Select between still snowflakes, trees, stars, ornaments, and classic points of light or enjoy a parade of moving patterns! The included RF remote makes pattern selection simple and also allows you to select from varying speeds to further customize your display. Ideal for both interior and exterior spaces, the 5 Pattern light transforms any area from ordinary to extraordinary!

Specs & Features:

New Column
New Column
Special Features:
Projects still or moving patterns of red & green laser light
Red, Green
LED (Color):
Light Display:
5 Holiday Patterns: Snowflakes, Trees, Stars, Ornaments, and brilliant points of light
Circular Movement
3,000 Square Feet
Timer Settings:
Select 4, 6, or 8 hour daily cycle
Flash Settings:
Optional flashing lasers with speed control
Unit Control Panel:
Power/Mode button on back
Advanced RF Remote
Housing Material:
Cast Aluminum
Spike / Mounting Plate Material:
Cast Aluminum Ground Stake / Mounting plate not included
Cord Length:
20 ft
Power Consumption:
Low voltage and low power consumption with UL power adapter
Indoor/Outdoor Rating:
Rated for indoor and outdoor use
Weather Resistance:
Weather resistant, it stands up to snow, sun, wind, and rain
Temperature Rating:
-4° to 90° F (-20° to 32° C)
Heating Element & Cooling System:
Internal heating and cooling system keeps your light working properly within temperature rating
Cord & Transformer Weather Rating:
Rated for Outdoor Use, UL Listed: E149474 3G58
Power Input:
120V~ 60Hz 0.27A Max
Power Output:
12V DC 1.08A
Night Stars US Patents US 9,458,994 B1, US 9,546,775 B1, US 9,562,673 B1, US D765,906 S, US D766,483 S, US D766,484 S, US d773, 707 S

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Customer Reviews

"Perfect for turning the house into any holiday theme. Best value for making the home festive all year long."
"I'm always excited for the holidays now. Everyone is always asking me what I bought to make my house look so cool."
"Easy to install and line up the perfect pictures. Great value and I get so many uses out of it every year."