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Total Home Protection System – 2 floor home

Pest Free


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  • This Viatek Total Home Protection Package includes:

    6x PR-30 Pest Repellers
    The Pest Free Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller uses ultrasonic frequency sound waves to create an unpleasant environment for rodents and arthropod pests like fleas, cockroaches, etc. The Pest Free Pest Repeller emits an alternating ultrasonic sound that ranges from high to lower frequencies. The alternating frequency allows the Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller to target different pests, and the constantly changing environment will cause pests to leave the area.

    2x PR-60 Dual Technology Pest Repeller
    By combining two proven pest control systems, electromagnetic interference and ultrasonic sound, Viatek Dual Pest Control pest repeller provides the most complete and powerful protection available on the market today. Advanced dual technology works within the wiring of the home, creating an unfriendly environment for pests within the walls, while also working within the living area using advanced sweeping ultrasonic technology. By combining both technologies, pest control has never been so advanced and so simple.

    This package has been created for complete two-level coverage.

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