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Viatek Continues to Grow and Expand

By :Lou Lentine 0 comments
Viatek Continues to Grow and Expand



With established partnerships around the globe, Viatek now distributes its products in seventy countries spanning five continents. The company participates in the rapidly growing worldwide consumer products market, which continues to expand, based on the consumers’ demand for solution-oriented merchandise. In addition to their international partners and distribution among major catalogers, Viatek’s customer base also boasts such retail giants as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Target, Walgreen’s, and ACE Hardware. These retailers are always looking for innovative and unique products to attract customers. Viatek has successfully capitalized on an enormous opportunity to meet the already existing market demand for product innovation.

But it hasn’t all been wine and roses. With the economic downturn in 2008, Viatek had to fight to maintain its growth momentum, struggling to raise the much-needed money for expansion. Banks were reluctant to grant loans, making it a challenge to invest in inventory, dole out legal fees for patents, and justify expenditures for trade shows and travel. Yet it was through these lean years that Viatek learned to tighten its bootstraps and successfully developed programs to raise the necessary capital. With the help of Small Business Administration loans, factoring, and credit from vendors who paid upfront, they continued to expand while business all around them were forced to close their doors.

Just as Viatek’s dedication and creativity helped them to solve the problems of a hurting economy, that same drive now enables them to develop products that solve problems for consumers. Their cross-functional team possesses unparalleled talent from product design and engineering to manufacturing and marketing. They bring the total innovation solution that TV shopping, retailers, and catalogers desire. Offerings range from innovative kitchen and housewares, lawn and garden, and pet products to personal care and beauty. Each year they develop more than fifteen proprietary items through in-house creativity and inventor partnerships. Few others can boast of such a turnkey-capable business model.

Made up of both office and warehouse, Viatek’s corporate headquarters is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Within this state-of-the-art facility, Viatek employees manage products through every step of the process, from concept to delivery. Products are first conceptualized with CAD and prototyped in engineering, then marketed via in-house graphic and video production departments. Viatek’s team not only develops and markets the product, but also produces and manages the direct response TV commercials. Using these tools, the Viatek sales team is then able to reach out and find the market most suited for their unique merchandise.

Now, with over 40 years of combined manufacturing and development experience, Viatek has the resources in place to roll out new items both quickly and efficiently. These longstanding relationships bring together trusted individuals that can work as a team to bring products to market cost effectively. Viatek uses no middleman, which reduces build cost by 30-40% and allows for better retail pricing and margins. The “only available here” development philosophy gives product creators full control and ensures a reputation of high quality standards while managing the pricing strategy for each item.

Proprietary products, great relationships, and strong commitment have earned Viatek Consumer Products Group an opportune position in a $150 billion dollar industry. For over a decade, their proven strategy for success has been at work, priming the charge to ignite tremendous growth. Watch for sparks to fly in the coming weeks, as this year promises to be explosive.

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